Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Busy Week

Man, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Monday. I've had networks crashing, T1 circuits down, computers refusing to function no matter how much effort I put into them. It's been typical, but I just didn't have time for the fun stuff.

We buried a friend on Tuesday. He was 48. It makes you really stop and think when someone so young passes on. He did the strangest thing I've ever seen at a funeral ... he gave away T-shirts. They just sat a box of T's beside the grave and had everybody grab one before they left. That's just way cool.

Mental note to self: Get T-shirts printed up for my own funeral. Let's see, what would you put on them?

It makes you think, huh?

My friend, who was really more a friend of a friend, wasn't a nice guy. He was a fun guy when he wanted to be, but he was, well, mean. Something happened in his life that left him just mean. His dog was mean. He was verbally abusive to his friends. I wouldn't want a legacy like that (to be fair, he was never that way to me).

It does make one wonder what kind of legacy one will leave. I mean, that's where we really get to it, right? What will I leave behind me. I know that I won't leave a legacy of meaness, quite the opposite. But I'm not satisfied with just not being mean, or not being this or that. I, like so many others, want to make a difference.

I wonder, if when we get to Heaven, we'll be allowed to know if we made a difference or not? I'm not so sure that Abraham knew until he was already gone. Moses and David knew, of course, but what about characters like Rahab whose legacy followed her? It's one of those things that make you go hmmmm.

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