Monday, July 18, 2005

Gripin' and Complainin'

Have you ever noticed that gripers and complainers rarely ever offer solutions to a problem? Rather, they whine and cry like babies in need of a diaper change. They hurt my head.

True leadership is about visioning. It's about uniting opposing sides in hopes of achieving a common goal. It's about diplomacy and humility. It's about a hundred, maybe a thousand different things, but it decidedly is not about griping and complaining. True leaders would never even consider griping and complaining as an option. Never. Not ever.

The temptation is, of course, to give them no deference whatsoever. But by ignoring them, you might miss a real problem that needs fixing. Of course, a real leader would simply jump in and fix the problem rather than merely complaining, but still, you have to listen to them, at least at some level. Gripers and complainers are, after all, people too. People worth loving. People worth caring about. People that make you want to pull your eyelids out and stuff them in your ears.

Gripers and complainers cause division. A perfectly happy body of perfectly happy people exposed to a few gripers and complainers for a sufficient amount of time will become an unhappy two half-bodies. I guess the passion the gripers and complainers often seem to exhibit infects the perfectly happy people who must think that surely if the griper and complainer is that passionate then there must be something to the what, the where, or to whom the passion is directed. So then, some of the once perfectly happy people join the griper and complainers, the body is torn assunder, the griper and complainers move on to other unwitting victims and the formerly perfectly happy people are left with nothing, except a vague feeling of being ripped off. The perfectly happy people who elect not to be taken in by the gripers and complainers are at least profoundly annoyed. Nobody wins and nothing gets solved around a bunch of gripers and complainers.

But what happens when a leader becomes a griper and complainer? Well, by definition, a leader that has by choice become a griper and complainer has ceased to lead. Simply too much time and energy is required in the act of griping and complaining for there to be any left of either for leadership. The leader turned griper and complainer must be replaced or otherwise engaged for the good of the body. A leader's griping and complaining will infect the body at a much higher rate due to the leader's influencial position. Dung tends to roll down hill.

Are you griping and complaining? Stop it! Now. Get a job. Get a hobby. Do something constructive. Quit pestering people. Stop it. Just Stop it.


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