Friday, August 12, 2005

The Coolest Gadget

I stumbled over the coolest "gadget" today. It's called the Konfabulator. It allows you to build desktop "widgets" that do cool stuff that you normally use javascript for. Folsks, this is AWESOME!

I don't really use my desktop (at least not at work). Except for icons, it's wasted screen real estate. These widgets occupy a small amount of space on the screen and do really useful stuff. Within minutes I was able to download one of Konfabulator's widgets and load my local weather radar so that it updates every three minutes on my desktop. Cool! There's one for the temperature and forecast, a calendar, a URL launcher, games, and even one that gives you the current price of oil.

This deal rocks!

It even has a little widget that allows you to blog from the desktop, no muss, no fuss! Watch my content go up!

You've got to get it now!

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