Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hyper Reality

The blogosphere has been brutal the last few days. It's not like reality, when a crisis in one form or another happens to you or your friends. But the last few days have been so grim for so many, that I'm calling it a kind of "hyper reality".

It started when Captain Chuck got blown apart by an IED in Iraq. I was following his blog directly from the action in Iraq, when bam! We here from his wife Caren begins posting of his being severely wounded. I wasn't prepared for the "reality" of knowing someone's inner thoughts and having that person "blown apart" almost before your eyes. The Captain is recovering in Walter Reid.

Then it was Steven Vincent of In The Red Zone murdered in Baghdad. I came in late on that one, but his once incredible blog is now lifeless.

Anyone who has followed Michael Yon's amazing saga from Mosul, Iraq knows who LTC Erik Kurilla is. Well, he was shot up pretty bad just a couple of days ago. He and his amazing intuition for combat is now stateside. Michael's heart-pounding reporting of the event has got to be an internet classic. Nevertheless, I was stunned by the news.

And hurricane Katrina. Oh my God in Heaven. Here is an excerpt from a blog written live from New Orleans (thanks to Right Wing Sparkle):

lisalog here, giving everyone an update on Michele. . . The good news first: Michele and S. are fine, and their house was not damaged in the hurricane. They live in a neighborhood that is 6 feet above sea level, so they have been spared the worst of the flooding... in fact, when I spoke to her yesterday, there was no standing water on the property at all. She and S. have enough food to last them a while, but they don't have much water. They've been boiling what they need. The bad news: New Orleans is in a state of utter chaos. Communication is difficult. Michele was able to hear some news reports via radio, but most communication is happening by word of mouth. Criminal activity is rampant and people are becoming more aggressive... one policeman was shot in the head by a looter and Michele mentioned some looters using forklifts to break down the doors of peoples' homes. . . She half-joked about putting up a "looters will be shot" sign on her front door, but once the sun goes down it is so dark (what with the power being out) that it would be impossible to see the sign anyway. Her mother tried to leave the city last night, but I'm not sure if she was successful or not. I called Michele again this morning, around 9:30 am central standard time, and she and S. were trying to get out. The situation has become very grim. The looting and criminal activity has gotten worse. Roads leading out of the city are blocked by debris, and Michele only has a half tank of gas in her car. Her dog Jack is ailing, and she is not sure if he'll make it. I'm not a praying woman, but I'm praying now. I hope she, S., and their beloved pets are able to get out of the city safely."

The pictures, videos, and stories coming from Louisiana and Mississippi are horrifying and emotionally draining. I've mentioned Desperate Houseflies before, well, Al Sturgeon is the moderator of the "flies" and is from the Gulf Port area. He is the pastor of Ocean Springs Church of Christ. His house is completely gone. Insurance will not pay a cent. How can this stuff be happening?

Finally, I surfed over to Right Thinking Girl, hoping, I guess for a "fun" boost. Someone close to her died. Now RTG is deep-down angry at God. I guess now her blog will die as well. I'm bummed, as are a lot of others.

It's been a tough few days in the blogosphere.

My spirit groans for all of them.

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