Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's not that I haven't been blogging ...

... I just haven't been here for almost a week. Ooops!

Blogging, at least in the comment section where communities hang out, is a bit like the e-mail lists where I used to hang out almost a decade ago. Similar also to the forums I used in my programming life. Groups of people meet and, well, they type a lot. It's kind of fun, ok, it's a hoot.

Of all things, I actually found someone that I know over on Desperate Houseflies. He's cool, very well educated, and a military chaplain. He's also Church of Christ.

The CofC (Church of Christ for outsiders) has always been a bit of an enigma to me. In my growing up past, they were staunchly dogmatic in their beliefs. They and they alone were the "One True Church" and they and they alone were going to Heaven. It was, frankly, insulting.

Now, you get to talking to the CofC intellectuals, and they are not nearly so dogmatic. In fact, they don't even believe those things. But somehow, they have failed to inform or convince the rank and file CofC that their dogma is a bit misplaced.

Case in point: A few years back, I went to a city wide praise and worship service. In fact, I was a part of the advance prayer team. Now, this service was held in a local CofC sanctuary, and yea, baby, there were instruments. With amps and speaker towers taller than me. On the night of the service (still one of the best I've ever attended), there were people in the foyer from other CofC churches snapping pictures of what was going on. The pictures were to be taken in front of who I am not sure, but the intent was to get the offending CofC in trouble. Now supposedly, all CofC churches are autonomous, so I have no idea to what authority these pictures would have been taken. It was the venomous approach to "church" that bothered me about the incident. And I've seen the same attitude all of my life.

Honestly, the old attitudes are beginning to change. I have seen a much more spiritual, accepting, and open CofC as of late. But then, my friend brings to my attention A Christian Affirmation 2005. Now, if you are unfamiliar with the CofC, then the Affirmation will make little if any sense to you whatsoever. But if you've grown up beside them all of your life, and finally see a break in the clouds so to speak, it's disconcerting at the very least to see a statement signed by so many of the CofC "top brass" that at first blush seems to be leading the CofC back into the darkness. I mean, why? Why issue such a statement? Why now?

To be sure, there are dissenting voices. Leroy Garrett wrote a response to the Affirmation creatively entitled Response to A Christian Affirmation 2005. It's pretty good. The signers responded with A Reply to Leroy Garrett (another really snappy title).

With all of the things going on in the world, all of the needs in the world; with the faith of Christians worldwide being constantly put to an ever greater and greater test; with a new emerging church on the horizon that may (or may not) invalidate the pre-modern and modern models; with everything that is happenging, why in the name of floor polish would you want to issue a pseudo official statement about communion, baptism, and a cappella music?

I'm just sayin'....

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