Monday, September 05, 2005

Getting a Little Better

Things are looking a little better on the Gulf Coast. Most of the folks are out of downtown New Orleans now. The National Guard has regained control of the city.

I've been listening to a show on American Family Radio (AFR) about Gulfport / Biloxi. They managed to get their station in Biloxi back on the air this weekend. That's very important, because communication in the Gulf Coast region is primarily by radio. The government handed out 12,000 transistor radios, but more are needed. Several of the talk show hosts were victims of the storm and were asking the same kinds of questions as undoubtedly everyone else is. Questions like why? and what next?

Protien Wisdom has an excellent piece that attempts to chronicle a timeline on the New Orleans disaster. After reading it, I'm not so quick to place blame anywhere at all. The busses posted below made me angry, and that kind of thing needs to be addressed, but we are where we are and we need to move on from here. We can assess lessons learned later.

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