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Preachers of Hate

I discovered dave bones over at Right Wing Sparkle's place. He comments a lot. Dave bones (obviously not his real name which will not be revealed here) is a film maker. He's made a short called "Preachers Of Hate", about Abu Hamza, or rather a couple of guys around him.

The film resonates with me. Probably not in ways that Bones intended. Probably not in ways that Hamza or any of the others would approve of. Nevertheless ...

First, a note on retrieving the movie. Here is the link for it. However, if you are in the U.S., it may take a while to download. I have a high speed link at work ... Ok, high speed is a silly description ... 3 DS3's ... 45 Mb of bandwidth, enough to download the movie in seconds. But that didn't happen, it took two hours. Something between West Texas and England, I guess. Perhaps Bones should consider posting it to a server Stateside. Anyway, it could take a while. It's MPEG, by the way.

Now, a quick note about Dave Bones. To say he is a liberal is to underexagerate. He is so far left that if he takes one itsy bitsy step further to the left, he will come full circle and be a conservative. And he smokes a right smart. But enough of that.

The film opens with a shot of a dude who wants to protest, anything, just to protest. When he asks what is being protested, the answer is "nothing", so he's like, "yea, Nothing, nothing, ... " in a chant. See, that's the problem.

I don't know if Bones did this on purpose or not. But the (being gracious) guy in the opening scene really represents Western culture. They don't know or care a whit about Islam, its tenets, or any implications of what they stand for. They wouldn't know shareeah if it bit them in the shorts ... at least at first. So Bones opening the piece with this human non-thought is almost prophetic and at least chilling.

The next few scenes, I guess are of Abu Hamza and a media circus surrounding him. What I heard, again, I don't know if intended or not, chilled my "bones". Because, I've heard it before!

I'll have to include a little background in order to lend credibility to my response. In the early 1990's after my wife was assaulted, I began asking questions like "why?", researching law, conspiracy theories, everything. I listened to shortwave. I became a part of the "Patriot" movement.

I was angry. Angry at a system that had let an animal out of prison that harmed my wife. Angry at a government that dared encroach upon the freedoms that my ancestors had fought so hard to obtain.

In 1993, when Janet Reno murdered 86 people in Waco, Texas, 14 of them children, I became an activist. In 1994, I was on site in Waco, defying the FBI and protesting the murder of those people. In the process of all that, I heard a lot of stuff.

I heard a lot of BS about Zionist conspiracies and the Jews owning all of the banks and all kinds of crap that I dismissed out of hand. But I could tell, some folks believed these lies, and were willing to die for those beliefs. In 1996, some guys blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City because they believed this crap so much.

So when I look at Bones' mini-flick, with that Abu Hamza cat yammering on about how Zionist love the FBI and stuff, my blood runs like ice. I've heard it before. Damn it, those Arab nuts have bought into the same BS lie that got all those people in Oklahoma ultimately killed. And not a few "good" kids brought down, rotting in prison or dying there, because they believed in something that was a total fabrication. And now a whole culture buys into the same BS. More people are going to be hurt because of these lies. Lies whose most recent source is with the Nazis in WWII Germany.

In Bones' flick, we move from the scary to the real people segment. Bones tries to show that these are real people with real lives and real pasts. That's actually laudable. Because in an increasingly "smaller" world, if we do not learn to communicate on some common grounds, we could end up annihilating each other.

But Bones spends a bit too long on this segment, one obviously close to his heart. Not only that, the audio is very difficult to deal with. If I were Bones, I'd take Audacity and get some of the background stuff out of the video so we could understand what the old dude was saying.

I got enough to understand where Bones is coming from. Namely, that these are people too, and it should be possible to strike a dialogue with them in such a way that we don't end up killing each other. But the problem is, that if they have bought "hook, line, and sinker" into a complete fabrication that they are willing to die for (one sourced in Mein Kempf and likely promoted by leaders as a controlling force), dialogue may not be the first order of business.

In many ways, Bones' mini-movie is a re-run, I've seen it before and people are going to get hurt.

I'm not a film critic. Your mileage may vary.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005  
Blogger dave bones said...

Thanks a lot for your review and explaining your personal interest in this story so well. I am really sorry to hear about the circumstances.

An amazing story i would like to hear more about.

Sorry abou the sound. I was using a simple one chip tourist camera. I was just thinking the other day that I'm going to have to go through it all and get rid of background. it will take ages so I'm going to stick a transcript up first.

part 1 a year on the street links from my blog. I hope you dont mind if i transfer this comment to the appopriate comments section on my blog. If you transfer it yourself it will link to your blog which will be better.


by using a simple little camrera i was able to get something which all the big news cameras could not get and none of them were looking for. It took me a year of turning up most fridays to get this close. It was the most difficult thing I have one in my life.

I got on with them, i fell out with them. I called them. they didn't answer. i swore at them. If they were dangerous terrorists they would have fatwah'd me.

These 20-40 people got a MASSIVE world wide publicity. they were blatantly humble local finsbury park people. With the big cameras I watched them "posture up". I didn't want this. i wanted to talk to them.

I am really grateful of you to post how you see it, I may adjust in later edits if I get a lot more feedback like yours.

I see it in much simpler terms. I put the protester in because i thought it was funny. I thought "hardcore islam" would be too hard to watch for a non muslim audience, so i jazzed it up a bit, hence also the music.

The rest of what goes on is simply what the people said at the time and answers to questions I asked them. Read the links down the side of my blog about what the US and UK governments say these people are.

They said they were terrorists. Hamza was the "terrorist pin up" they were using to frighten us with. I thought that going to war was THE BEST WAY to put my saftey at risk. Concrete blocks went up around parliament which seemed to suggest to me that someone inside had the same idea.

Everytime I saw hamza on TV some stupid idiot clone news reporter was talking over him like I was supposed to be frightened and I was SICK of it enough to think, OK, I'm going to go down there and report EXACTLY as possible who these guys say they are, and give my own impressions in a gonzo style.

Because I am a gonzo sort of person.

I had such a huge negative reaction from fundamentalists in pakistan I thought it would be fun to see what the "evil UK terorists" would make of me.

Having met and spent time with these people I am beginning to seriously doubt that Hamza is who they say he is, and the implications of that are TOO HUGE for me to deal with.

I neither believe or disbelieve in a zionist conspiracy. I think the concept of Usury is a bad idea.

I just want people to consider my work alongside everything else in print and on film about finsbury park mosque over the last 15 years.

thanks again dude. thanks for repoting download problems. god knows how i'm going to sort it out but i am onto it.

You obviously get the fundamental jist of why i am doing what i am doing which really, really encourages me.

in my country i am in a minority of one, maybe two with Rod liddle(download zip)

If things had gone how i had planned sparkle and her friends would have been over here in the middle of talking to them ON 7/7.

On the islamists side I believe in Hajj (I used to smoke dope etc) most of all and I tried and tried to get him into the media because i thought he was he islamist most likely to be responsible for halting the war on terror from their side.

Maybe this is naiive. I am a naiive person.

If the guys had been talking on 7/7, with Hamza in court at the time I would have let NO ONE go until they had sorted the difference between "jihadist islam" and "neo-con republicanism" out.

I dont want to be stuck in the middle of it if there is ANY WAY I can get the two sides to talk about it.

Though, as you say i am left in nature I have totally given up on politics as an outmoded concept. There is NO Solution without the involvement of everybody, which is why I spend so much time with you guys.

thanks again.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005  
Blogger dave bones said...

sorry, I'll link properly for your readers.

a year on the street is a much fuller version of events around the accusations the ITV News brought to Finsbury park from the FBI. It also contains some great interviews with some of the youngsters who were brave enough to talk to me on camera.

If you have problems downloading I can post you a CD if you Email me.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005  
Blogger R&B said...

It would take a long time to post everything that happened between about mid 1992 and early 1997, but it might be instructive. There are so many similarities between radical Islam and parts of the early nineties freedom movement that I think there's a lot of borrowing going on.

As far as the movie, I'm not sure I posted: it moved really well, then stalled. The part with Hajj started off good, but it drug a bit. Maybe partly due to the audio.

Definately post a transcript.

Downloading a year on the street as we type ...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005  
Blogger dave bones said...

Really sorry about the technical probs. thanks for staying with it. Transcript coming. I'd love to hear about what you are talking about.

"the nineties freedom movement"?

here is a news article about Abu Abdullah. (The big guy who shouts all the time)

Thursday, September 08, 2005  
Blogger dave bones said...

Transcript is here sorry about the delay.

Sunday, September 11, 2005  
Blogger R&B said...

Thanks for the transcript, Dave!

I googled "Bohemian Grove" ... man, is that weird, or what?

I'm going to grok this for a while before I post something too lengthy. For the moment, know that you are having an impact on at least one open-minded right-wing West Texan.

Monday, September 12, 2005  
Blogger dave bones said...

Great. Thanks a lot. I am very much on Sparkles blog looking for real solutions with grass roots Republicans. Sorry I haven't suggested very many.

Monday, September 12, 2005  

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