Friday, October 07, 2005

I've Been Reading ...

... instead of blogging. I was over at Sparkle's blog earlier in the week and just got totally bummed by one of the commentors (Tony, a troll?). I was reading and it's as if the words turned into acid in my eyeballs. He was so condescending, arrogant, and haughty that I turned off to politics for a bit.

I wandered over to the Quantum Blog to look at gadgets for a while. I love gadgets, but I can never afford the gadgets he posts.

I wandered around some more, stopping off at Golden Odyssey and Red State Rant, but as I say, politics didn't do it for me. Even evolution vs. Intelligent Design didn't charge me up. It may be called depression.

Then I ambled by Dave Bones' place. Now, saying Dave is a sensible kind of guy is probably insulting to him, but he seems more sensible than many of the I'm-right-and-you're-wrong-idiot commentors on Sparkle's and others blogs. I was trying to find out why he went to India. Still don't know. I've never been to India. I've never been to Spain, either. But I've been to Arizona.

Then, Lazy from realgem stops by and says in order to find out about India I'll have to stop by realgem and read the whole dang blog to find out. Not sure that I ever got it (until he later explained it), but I read the whole dang blog and ya know what? It was a pretty good read. Now true, a lot of it was drug-dazed and edgy, but the old boy can write, ya know? Made me really wonder if I'm tired of being "normal".

Now, I'm not gonna run out and do some heroin just to get a perspective on things, but it does make me think I need a little "color" in my life. I mean, I've poked around West Texas so that I practically know every rattle snake by name, ya know? I love it here, and I love the people, but God only put us on this earth a short time. Should we not absorb all that we can?

There have been times when I've wanted to just sell our house, take the profit and buy a motor home and hit the road. Just go where the wind blows and see what there is to see. Maybe go back East and see what makes those people so pathologically left-wing. Or up to Alaska where freedom is still something that you live, not just talk about. Or maybe we could buy a 35 foot sailboat and head out across the ocean. Go island hopping for a couple of years.

I don't know. Usually when I feel this way, I can hug my little girl and kiss my wife and everything is ok, but this week has just been one of those weeks.

It's my wife's birthday today. Happy Birthday love of my life!

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Blogger dave bones said...

Don't bother trying to do smack with Mike! You wont get any off a junkie.

ha ha ha ha ha

Score some off a dealer and do it yourself.

I answered your why I went to india question in short, took my time getting to it sorry. I'll copy it here:

took acid for the first time at the Glastonbury festival in 1998 (I think) and was heading for India ever since.

Lost the plot a bit in London, I inherited some money in 1999 and thought Its now or never.

Pakistan because i was aware that there was a well worn hippy trail in India and I wanted to get off it.

I read about the Kallash in the guide book abd was fascinated by an animist, full on fertility culture surrounded by the most orthadox fundamental islam on the planet.

I would think very carefuly before going to a muslim country again, though I had no problem with the Finsbury park guys in that respect at all.

I disagree with some of them but don't dislike them.

4:52 PM dave bones said...

sorry that was glastonbury 1988

4:53 PM dave bones said...

Yes. Cannabis and inspiration. All of my backdrops were painted on cannabis. I wouldn't even try mimicking my own style without. I could tell the difference straight away. It unlocks creativity but is a two edged sword which unlocks introspection, paranoia and depression as well. Addictive too.

Sunday, October 09, 2005  
Blogger dave bones said...

Good luck in your striving for something else. If it is motivated by unsavoury circumstance that is the story of human evolution.

I fancy doing an American road trip. Do you think the CIA would be waiting for me or am I cool with you lot?

Sunday, October 09, 2005  
Blogger R&B said...

Man, that would be a rush ... the "Bones" in the States. I bet you would learn more about the USA in a short time than most of us that live here do in a lifetime. Do the whole "walkabout" thing. What a trip.

I've done some of that, man is it fun!

Monday, October 10, 2005  
Blogger dave bones said...

I've got more blogging friends from Texas than anywhere else. Maybe I should start with you guys. If I can do it I'll bring a camera. I'd like to do a film about grassroot republicans to show all my squatting buddies

Monday, October 10, 2005  
Blogger R&B said...

Well, what you'll find here is a whole bunch of really friendly people. Whether we are very exciting or not is up for debate.

Why do you think it's the Ronnie Earles that get all the news? It's the moonbats like Cindy Sheehan that are nuts and make good film fodder.

All you'd get in your film is a bunch of "happy clappies" taking care of their families. I don't know if that would be interesting or not.

But we do take our politics seriously.

Monday, October 10, 2005  

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