Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Mountain" Climbing

I was thinking back on this weekend and decided I needed to blog it into my memory.

Saturday is "daddy / daughter" day at my house. That means mom goes off to work and dad stays home with daughter. Except on this day, I had a church leadership meeting at 8 AM. So, mom stayed home with daughter and I did the hour and a half up at the church. Some meetings can be contentious but this one was quite encouraging. So I came home refreshed.

When I got home, my little girl was standing in the doorway. She had long pants, a shirt, jacket, and tennis shoes on. None of it matched. It was sooo cute! She also had a "purse" (a walmart sack) with a stuffed bunny in it. "Are you going somewhere", I asked. "Yes, we're going for a walk, Daddy" she exclaimed, sure of herself. She seemed pretty certain about it all, so I said "Ok, where are we walking to?" "Up the mountain, Daddy!" Cool.

Now we live in a set of hills called the Callahan Divide. They not super tall (they're tall enough and big enough to put wind turbines on, but that would be another post), but they're mountains to a five year old. The one across the street from our house is fairly steep and has two caves at the top that makes the whole thing look like a scull. I assumed that was what we were going to climb - yep, it was.

Now, fall in West Texas is a wonderful thing. On this day, it was deliciously cool. Cool in West Texas means that you cannot cook food on the sidewalk by 9 AM. Saturday morning it was still in the low 70's, so a walk is just what the doctor ordered. I had so much to do, and who cares!

My daughter, myself, and a stuffed bunny-in-a-bag set out for a morning of mountain climbing. We wrote our names in the sand at the base. As usual, I admonished her to look out for broken glass, cactus's, and rattle snakes. We played for a while, then began to climb.

Now my little one is a natural born climber. She did so good! When it got steep, she would say "how do we get up this, Daddy?" and turn and climb it before I could get the answer out. And we went all the way to the top where the caves are. So very cool.

I hushed her so that we could hear the sound of the wild turkeys clucking in the distance. We could see a hawk slowly circling above. The West Texas sky was big and blue with just a whisper of wind soft as a lover's touch. It was fantastic.

Part way up, I had to hold the bunny. And I folded the walmart bag in my back pocket. When we finally went down, I picked up the broken beer bottles strewn by unthinking hooligan tourists as we descended and put the trash in the walmart bag. We walked home hand in hand happy as two peas in a pod.

What a wonderful morning.

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Blogger bold as love said...

That is the stuff memories are made of- I remember taking my daughter last year to Ft. Walton beach, just because she had never been there, and walking out on the pier. We both looked at all the people catching fish and had the same idea- less than an hour later, and a walmart receipt in my pocket, we were catching fish also- I'll never forget that day. Thanks for sharing your great day.

Thursday, October 13, 2005  
Blogger R&B said...

Hey, thanks for sharing yourself.

Monday, October 17, 2005  

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