Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dusk Was Quickly Giving Way To Darkness ...

... as we rolled somberly down the highway. Dad was driving, Mom by his side. My Grandma was sitting beside me. There was no radio, no talking. Just the dull engine groan from our '62 Chevy station wagon. It was Grandma's time.

Dad pulled over, just before blackness set in. Grandma got out quietly. Hugs were had. She, now in her 80's, turned and fled away. Over the rocks not far from the road. Out into the night.

I followed. Over the loud complaints of my parents, I followed.

Over the rocks. Up and up and up. The chill of night stung my skin in anticipation. Eternity seemed like forever.

Finally, a castle. Monolithic, rising beyond my comprehension. I couldn't keep up with Grandma, the faster I ran, the faster she ran, as if pursuing something.

Now inside.

O My, the number of people. They're everywhere! Grandma almost flew up a distant stairway. How did she ... ?

"You're not supposed to be here" said a voice. I turned to face whoever it was.

"What's that you're wearing?" I queried him.

"Pumpkin", he said.

Through the throngs, I made my way to the staircase, only to find a man levitating glowing orbs of light. "What are you doing?" I asked in delighted amazement.

"Training" the reply.

"My Grandma ... where did she go?" He smiled a knowing smile and admonished me "you're not supposed to be here, you're not strong enough yet".

I started awake, breathing rapidly. That dream was over a decade ago, long before my Mom, Grandma, then Father passed away.

I mark another year off of my calendar this week. The pumpkin outfit is a year closer. Save me a spot, Lord. I'm stronger now.

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