Monday, January 09, 2006

I just gotta blog!

It's been so freaking long, I don't know if I remember how to do this.

Life caught up with me. Thanksgiving was beautiful. By far, it's my favorite holiday. I stay up all night the night before, mesquite smoking a turkey. The wood cutting, cleaning the Bar B Q, preparing the bird, everything is a ritual twenty years in the making. It might have been the best yet.

For the last five years, my business croaks after Thanksgiving. It's virtually non-existent. I have not so fond memories of sitting in my office wondering if the phone would ever ring again, the demons of bankruptcy whispering in my ears. But not this year. This year has been totally opposite. The phone started ringing the day after Thanksgiving and I've been running from job to job ever since. Praise God! Maybe its a harbinger of things to come. Let's hope. I prefer prosperity to poverty. But sometimes too busy isn't so good. Balance, that's the key.

Christmas was a blur. Tear up to the mountains to spend Christmas with my mother-in-law and tear back right after. Left my main squeeze and cherished little one with mamma for a while. Then I worked some more. And more.

Oh, and I went caroling for the first time. We all piled in an SUV and went to a neighborhood I didn't even know existed. Trailer park. Poverty. Drugs. Bikers. We didn't know if we were going to get applause or stabbed. It was pretty neat, really.

New Year's was sweet. I was a temporary bachelor, but didn't have to spend the evening alone. Went to two parties ... neither with alcohol. It was really quite nice. No worries about getting killed or busted going home. Just friends and singing and coffee and cookies and games. Quite comfy and cozy really.

2006. Oh my. How can that be? Where have the years gone? I feel like I ought to be riding in some kind of Buck Rogers rocket car or something. Of course, we think nothing of a space shuttle launch, so maybe we really are living out Buck Rogers.

Making new year's resolutions is not my bag, but I have made one: I was given a day planner and have decided to use it. There, I did it! A resolution (of sorts). Anyway, I've been keeping track of my time for nine whole days ... that's a start!

To those that are still out there, have a blessed and prosperous new year!