Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some Thoughts

The last few weeks have been a blur. I actually started keeping a day planner in order to keep up with things. I never do that. Who really cares, you know? But when life gets this busy, it becomes self defense. But I resist terribly - me, organized?

It's kind of fun, really. Working in this hectic kind of furious fashion. From one thing to the next, not stopping, not considering, just doing.

One night I found myself on a drilling rig. A drilling rig is the quintessential West Texas icon. And there I was, catching the geologist's vision of wirelessly networking his oil field. I've always wanted to do that. Technology finally caught up with an old vision. And oil smells just like money, just slipperier.

I've upgraded my office and built networks and computers and solved problems and dreamed dreams. Kinda cool really. I turned off to the outside world for a bit.

Not totally, though. You gotta read Dave Bones account of the Abu Hamza trial over in London. Great coverage, really. Much better than following it on CNN or one of those other communist news networks. Dave is closer to the situation. He wants to believe that these guys aren't really terrorists, that they're just regular guys with different beliefs. I get where Dave is coming from ... I don't agree with him, but I get it. I've just seen the damage conspiracy theory crap can do to a person's head ... remember Tim McVey? Check out his coverage, though, it's stellar.

Even though there have been a derth of comments on my and on others blogs, doesn't mean I'm not still lurking. I still catch up on the "right" way of looking at things over at Sparkle's place. And I try not to miss Transience's disarmingly eloquent musings (warning: adult subject matter). She may be one of the finest writers on the internet. And I still catch some of Golden Eagle's politics and science stuff. But honestly, those are the only blog type sites I've had time for.

I've got to go to London. I just gotta meet my edgy UK blogger friends. Coffee, no mushrooms.

Well, I've got a ticket to ride. An hour before I get home, a steady stream of tail lights and headlights to fry my already over-worked occulars.

I'd better do it.