Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Week That Was

A TV show aired called "The Week That Was" when I was growing up. Last week was my "Week That Was".

The early part of the week was non-descript. We were putting the finishing touches on our Whiteside install so that everything would be ready.

Tuesday morning we loaded, and I mean loaded, up the truck. It had antenna, pole, camera, control unit, concrete, tools galore, some kind of electric gadget for driving anchors into the ground, and a trailer with a one man auger on it. We were ready. With all of that crap, I decided not to take the truck to Sweetwater Tuesday evening and took my Buick instead. Bummer.

Tuesday is my longest day. Up at 5:30 AM, back home by about 11 PM. After a long day, I like to take the back route home. Even though I spend an hour with those confounded wind turbines all around me, it still is more peaceful than taking the truck-clogged interstate.

There is, however, one enemy in my otherwise driving bliss: deer. Deer are big problems for vehicles. They are even bigger problems for mid-sized cars. This night, less than three miles from home, I managed to meet up with about 10 of the (growl) sweet brown-eyed creatures. I hit two, maybe three. Thank God I wasn't going very fast, maybe 15 mph. The car is now quite snaggle toothed ... but drivable.

Wednesday morning: Oh my goodness. Theoretically, this should be easy. Just drill a couple of two foot holes in the ground, sink an antenna pole and a post for the electrical, drill in our guy wire anchors, then hook everything up. Yea right.

I forgot. It's my fault, really. The caliche hills in West Central Texas have NO top soil on the bluffs ... and we were on a bluff. I got lucky with the auger. I drilled the holes for the antenna pole and the electrical post with no problem. 24 inches, sweet. But when we went to drill in the guy wire anchors, they just would not go in more than about 12 inches. Too rocky. In fact solid rock. We tried augering the hole first ... no joy. Finally we bolted the anchor onto the auger thinking we could drive it in with more power. Nope.

Finally we gave up. I pulled the anchor (which is about a 3 foot long piece of pipe normally used to anchor mobil homes) from the ground and leaned on the still running auger. My partner reached down to shut off the auger just as I, for some unbeknownst reason, squeezed the throttle.


That anchor hit me in the side of the head every bit as hard as a baseball bat in the hands of an angry attacker. To say that it knocked me down would be a gross understatement.

I lay in the caliche soil holding my head moaning "I think I'm hurt". Gee, dude, ya think? My buddy stood there eyes wide and slack-jawed trying to figure out what to do next.

We did all we could do: went back to work, albeit with a splitting headache. We mounted the control box, then put up our tools and went back to town, in case I was gonna friggin' stroke out or something. I called my wife and told her I was hurt and not to go anywhere just yet. She put me on the prayer list. Then we drove the 45 minutes back to my house where I showered and tried to recover. An EMT friend told me not to go to sleep, so I said, "well, crap, might as well charge on", so I went ahead and went to Sweetwater.

My head still hurts.

Thursday began another adventure. A local rancher was working in a field when he managed to inadvertently set the whole neighborhood on fire. Here's a picture from the North side of the hills:

The smoke was so bad that at one point, you could see the plume from Fort Worth 150 miles away. You could even see it from satellite. It made the national news. While I was in Sweetwater, my wife and daughter were packing in case of evacuation. We live in a log home on a hill side. If the wind changed, we were toast. It didn't. The fire is still smoldering.

I guess you have to be philosophical about a week like that. The car wasn't TOO damaged. The prayers worked, because I didn't stroke out or anything. The fire didn't destroy any homes, although it damaged a couple of wind turbines. In church Sunday, I got a chance to publicly thank many of the fire fighters. All in all, it could have been worse.

Did I mention my head still hurts?

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Blogger bold as love said...

Your week was more hectic than mine, and that's saying alot.

I can relate to the deer problem- I live in a area south of Atlanta, Georgia that was country 15 years ago- that is until the developers started building houses willy nilly.

They have taken most of the habitat the deer use but the deer still use the river zones to travel from range to range-and subdivision to subdivison eating flowers and plants that take a liking to, sometimes it's difficult to get out of the neighborhood without almost hitting a deer. I Hope next week brings you better fortunes.

Saturday, July 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Saturday, July 22, 2006  
Blogger your said...

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Friday, August 18, 2006  
Blogger dave bones said...

You live in a very interesting location. Perhaps you should build a moat around your log cabin.

I know I keep threatening but I'm going to grab mikey and visit you guys one of these days.

Thursday, February 08, 2007  

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