Friday, August 18, 2006


Is this the face of the "religion of peace"?

Earlier this month, President Bush caused a firestorm of criticism when he used the term "Islamic fascists". The pictures at the left would seem to indicate the term is way too much of a soft sell. I prefer Islamonazis myself.

Daniel Pipes has an interesting take on the term in his article "At War with Islamic Fascists". He seems to think that the Islamist leadership are more aligned with communists such as Stalin and Lenon. Having studied and dissed communism most of my life, I kind of got that feeling as well. However, it looks like they are taking pages from both play books.

I read what most of our leftist elitists have never read: The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. They all seem to believe it, but I doubt that many actually read it. It was undoubtedly the most impotent book that I ever read in my life. But it was indeed instructive in understanding the march of communism around the world, including in the U.S.

In my oppinion, besides believing the entire system is evil and unworkable, I think Marx missed something: religion. People need religion. It gives them something to hang their hat on, so to speak. Eliminating religion killed Marxism.

What makes Islamofascism so dangerous is that it includes the tennets of Marxism (and out right Nazism) and mixes them with a religion. And not just any religion: but one that has struggled to gain acceptance for centuries. Using the techniques of fear and propaganda garnered, at least in part, from the Nazis and Communists of yesteryear, now Islam is gaining acceptance. Well, sort of, anyway. They are brutalizing people into acceptance.

The question is, how to deal with it? Islam itself, as a religion, grosses me out. They follow a guy, supposedly a prophet, who made a nine year old child his wife. Nowadays, that's called pedaphilia and would land him in prison ... deservedly so. Islam takes many of its rules and regulations from the Torah (our Old Testament), but goes much farther. Sharia law, where religious tennets are imposed as the law of the land, is a brutal throwback to the middle ages, but hey! It works for them, right?

Christians under Islam are treated as second class citizens ... at best. They are raped, tortured, and have all kinds of lesser horrors fostered upon them by their Islamic "masters". So why would I allow that crap to get anywhere near the shores of Texas?

The problem is, Christians, which I am, are commanded to love not only one another, but their enemies. We are admonished to pray for our enemies. The Islamics have declared us as their enemies, so I guess we are compelled to pray for them and treat them nicely. Is carpet bombing somewhere on the commandment list?

I may be on this subject for a while ...

(picture via Jason H Bowden )